We’re sure it comes as no surprise that due to current events the Clinton Symphony Board has cancelled upcoming events, including tonight’s concert and the June Benefit and Pops concert. Here is a note from our music director:

Brian Dollinger, Clinton Symphony Music Director

“Following the directions of the CDC and various levels of our government, having a large-scale performance with our audience is becoming more and more difficult.  Through this global pandemic of the COVID-19, I’m sure all of us are rediscovering how very important music is to our personal and mental health as well as our society’s.  Whether a person listens to the entire ring cycle of Wagner or every album that the Beatles released, music is a healing and calming agent.

My hope is that more and more people realize just how important live performances are in our society and come out the other side of this pandemic with a renewed love and magnetic draw to be more active in its sustainability and enjoyment.

An appreciation of music starts at an early age, and I know that music education is an important part of making a well rounded student and citizen in society.  During these trying days, having music in our home helps bring an engaging joy and dedication that I wish all families had.  Working with my eight year old daughter on her music theory and violin practicing, listening to my wife play her piano, and my son preparing for college playing juries on the cello, all bring such a brightness and joy to our home.  (We probably have the most music literate German Shepherd on the block!)

Your continued support for the arts and more specifically the Clinton Symphony Orchestra will aid in the sustainability of the arts and continued passing of the knowledge and joys that the arts brings.

We wish you and your family well and good health and are looking forward to being back with our musician family making music very soon.”

~ Brian Dollinger

Update on Clinton Symphony Events