The Clinton Symphony Orchestra’s Young Artist Auditions will be held in early January. For students who will be preparing a college audition this year or in the next few years, and we think this audition experience and critique would be of value.

Please consider auditioning even though you may not yet be “the winner” of these auditions. It’s a valuable audition experience. EACH entrant will receive personal performance suggestions and evaluations from the panel of adjudicators.

The auditions will be held Saturday morning, January 11, 2020. Student musicians in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to participate. One student will be invited to perform his/her piece in concert at Morrison High School Auditorium on February 15, 2020, accompanied by the Clinton Symphony Orchestra.

The student invited to perform on the concert will receive a $250 award, and an alternate will receive $100 from the Symphony.

Entrants must audition with a composition intended for performance with orchestra accompaniment, and for which orchestra parts are domestically obtainable.

The piece should be at least 5 minutes, but not exceed 15 minutes in length.

Entrants must be residents of either Clinton or Jackson counties in Iowa, or Whiteside or Carroll counties in Illinois.

Entrants will provide their own piano accompanist for the audition.

Please check with your music teacher or the Symphony’s Executive Director to confirm that the piece you choose is appropriate for this occasion, and that orchestral accompaniment parts are domestically available. Check early if there are questions about eligibility, audition scheduling or selection of an appropriate audition/performance piece.

Entries for the Young Artist Auditions must be received by:

January 6, 2020

This is Clinton Symphony’s 66th season, and the student auditions and performances have been an important part of our history. Past participants have gone on to become prominent music teachers, performers and conductors, as well as leaders in other professions. This year’s honoree will be an important part of that succession.

Recent Young Artist Soloists with the Symphony

2020 – Kevin Lemus, Sterling – flute

2018 – Grace Rowland, Clinton – flute      William Hicks, Clinton – bassoon

2017 – Allison Houldson, Morrison – soprano

2016 – Cody Lund, Sterling – violin

2015 – Alice Lind, Clinton – soprano    Colleen Elfline, Morrison – saxophone

2014 – Cyrus Colah, Clinton – piano

2013 – Benjamin Rogers, Savanna – tuba     Taylor Hicks, Clinton – Tuba

2012 – Alexandria Weets, Morrison – saxophone

2011 – Heather Elfline, Morrison – flute

2010 – Dillon Schuneman, Sterling – piano

2009 – Johnny Kermott, Sterling – violin     David Olsen, Fulton – marimba

2008 – Matthew Hulteen, Sterling – saxophone

2007 – Marissa Decker, Clinton – oboe      MaryAnn Webb, Fulton – clarinet

2006 – Julianna Karvelius, Morrison – saxophone

2005 – Benjamin Schantz, Sterling – violin     Felicia Lewis, Mount Carroll – oboe

2004 – Jamie Skinner, Milledgeville – flute