Autumn Concert

7:30 p.m. — Saturday, September 21, 2019

Centennial Auditorium @ Sterling High School

September 21, 2019 – Some of our greatest orchestral composers wrote some their best music about the pleasures of the countryside. We open the season with the Romanian Folk Dances collected by Béla Bartók from Eastern Europe.

Next cones a suite of music from the American ballet Appalachian Spring composed by Aaron Copland or Martha Graham’s dance company. One of the themes is the old Shaker tune “Simple Gifts”.

We top it off with the famous symphony “From the New World” composed by Bohemian composer Antonín Dvořák. It was inspired by the composer’s time spent teaching in America in the late 1890s, and by a summer spent in rural Spillville, Iowa.

Hear it live, and in full spectrum sound!!

Let us drive!

Take the bus along Route 30 to the Clinton Symphony concert at beautiful Centennial Auditorium in Sterling. Convenient boarding points in Clinton, Fulton, and Morrison make it an easy, comfortable and affordable ride.

It’s in partnership with Community State Bank. Make your reservation early. Call 563-219-8084.