***** 2020 John Deere Classic Birdies for Charity *****

The JDC Birdies for Charity program is an impressive fundraising opportunity available to area nonprofits, and the Clinton Symphony Board would like to invite those interested in supporting the Symphony to make a donation pledge through the 2020 John Deere Classic Birdies for Charity program – unfortunately the tournament itself has been cancelled, however, the Birdies program will continue.  For this year, as paper forms are not available, participation is online or via mail.  Note that all pledges are guaranteed a 5% bonus to the Symphony from the Birdies for Charity Bonus Fund, increasing the impact of your donation!  

Thank you for your consideration, and for your support of the Symphony.  

—  Bill Zickau, President

There are two ways to make a donation – one is by direct donation payable by credit card, and the other is a mail in pledge form.  Please note that all pledges must be received at the Birdies office no later than July 10, 2020.

  • To make a donation by credit card:

Go to https://birdiesforcharity.com/donate.   Click/tap on the bar that says “Please select your designated charity” and enter 1411 following which Clinton Symphony Orchestra will come up for you to select.  Click the green “Add to Cart” button, and select your contribution amount; “other” allows you to manually enter any amount of $20 or more.  Continue down the page to fill in your payment information.  This year all donors will be entered into the drawing for prizes.  Click the green Donate button to complete your donation.  Online donations must be made no later than July 10.

  • To make a donation by check:

      Print the pledge form by clicking here.  Note the Symphony information is already in place.  This year all donors will be entered into the drawing for prizes.  Mail the left side of the form to the address indicated at the top right of the pledge form (15623 Coaltown Rd., East Moline, IL 61244), it must be received by July 10, 2020.

  • To make a one-time flat donation:

Simply indicate the amount and mail the left side of the form with your accompanying check to the address above.

  • To pledge on the number of birdies:

Indicate the amount you would pledge to pay for each birdie.  With the tournament canceled, 2000 birdies are being used for the calculation.  For example, by entering $0.01, you would be billed for $20.00 after the tournament.  See the examples in the ‘Keep for your records’ box to help you decide a pledge amount. .  Mail the left side of the form to the address above.  

Have a question? – contact Bill at wzickau@mchsi.com

Birdies for Charity Supports the Clinton Symphony Orchestra